Birmingham Central Library

A personal tribute to, and set of reflections on, the-currently being demolished-Birmingham Central Library.

Consciously trying to mix up the personal, the political and the architectural.

More like this very soon…

Modern British Studies Birmingham

Josh Allen is currently studying an MA in Modern British Studies. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshPAllen

Josh Allen Josh Allen

I’ve many lofty aesthetic, ideological and historical objections to the Central Library’s destruction. We’ll touch on them in due course, the primary thrust of this blog is far closer to the gut, rawer and more emotional. With each bite that the concrete compactor takes out of the Paradise Circus structure, a chunk of one of the key sites and landmarks of my childhood is being torn away.

One of my earliest memories is of gazing out of the windows of the Central Library’s, tiny, slightly shabby, first floor cafe. I can’t be more than three, maybe I’m as young as two. The exact timing would hinge on whether my Mum, who, doubtless clutching a brown plastic cup of coffee, must be present near by, is cradling my sister or not…

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